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Who We Are

Sweet Marc, LLC is a one stop shop digital marketing and apparel manufacturing firm out of Dallas, Texas. We strive to provide creative trending solutions to business of all sizes.​ We are a multi-talented group of creative graphic designers, marketing specialist, content producers who are confident, focused, and passionate about taking your business to the next level.

We Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Utilizing our experience and resources in traditional and digital marketing to help our clients remain on top of their game. We approach each business from a tailored creative solution for your business needs ensuring lasting results.

Our Core Values

Relationships + Value = Growth

We understand that a business doesn't grow overnight. That why we focus on cultivating relationships that offer value both internally and externally. We build strong, engaging and lasting business relationships with our clients and between our clients and their customers allowing us to expand your customer base and scale your business utilizing the resources of those relationships . 

5 Love Languages of Marketing

We all know that to build a healthy relationship you have to know how to effectively communicate with your partner. We build our structure off the 5 love languages insuring that we develop and nurturing relationship with our clients and their business. Book your consultation today so we can start to get to know you and find out what your business needs are!

Sweet Tips Blog

Tips to help you grow your business one blog at a time. 

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